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Our Wall Programs are quickly becoming more desirable than the traditional brick and paver programs for leaving lasting testimonies of one's contribution to society. Friendswall at Lowes Motor Speedway
Photos and other images are laser etched into granite or marble tile. This product is not walked on, looks better, requires less maintenance and has much greater design capability than the traditional brick program.

We will work directly with you to create a turnkey fundraising program specifically for your cause.

  • Veteran Organizations
  • University Alumni
  • Public Servants
  • Churches, Ministries and Missions
  • School Programs
  • Food Banks
  • Housing and Aftercare Programs
  • Disaster Relief
  • Community Outreach
  • Corporate Appeals
Fundraising Wall Your fundraising wall program will be a lasting tribute to the men, women and children who selflessly give to others in need. Honor friends and family who have served or are currently serving in the military and other sectors of public service.

Our customers provide a strategic place, to mount personalized laser etched granite and marble tiles on a wall, recognizing the hero and contributor's donation to a charity of the their choice. The donor will send a personal photo to be laser etched on the granite tile.

Our customers also offer a package in which their donor receives additional granite or marble etching of the same photo that is on the wall. The plaques are shipped to an address of the donor's choice with a distinct display stand.

Fundraising Wall Proceeds Examples
When you honor everyday heroes, a portion of the proceeds can go to important causes and charities.

Here's what people are saying...

"I commend WAGM-TV, Get Etched, the Aroostock Centre Mall, and Northern Maine Community College for your leadership in dedicating the Heroes Wall to honor our veterans..."
~ Susan M. Collins, United States Senator
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"Hi Erica,

You and I recently emailed about the tiles that were to be made for my father and uncles, Wilbur, Joseph and Walter Vasso... ...My annual "Vasso Sister Weekend" was this weekend and this afternoon 'the girls' and I went. It was a gorgeous afternoon with beautiful sunny weather, big puffy clouds and an amazing view of the local hills brilliantly yellow, orange and red. Lo and behold, there the tiles were! We were very emotional and overcome with pride and love for these dear and brave men we were so fortunate to call our family. The tiles were just PERFECT!! Thank you so much for your part in making this happen for us."

With Blessings,
Pam Vasso Della Valle

Click Here to view some actual photos from the Heroes Wall event in Presque Isle, Maine.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help put a wall project to work to help you achieve your fundraising needs.


Americans are incredibly generous. We see it every day... people giving and breaking down barriers that separate our communities.

When someone is in need, it just takes one person to raise his or her hand and say, "Here I am. I'll help".

Are you that one person? Is your organization that one organization? Is your company that one company?

Get Etched is innovating new fundraising programs that allow you to permanently remember your own personal hero. We're surrounded everyday with life's unsung heroes. They teach your children, protect your home, care for the needy, provide food to the hungry, and protect this great country where we live.

A fundraising wall program can be customized specifically for your charity or cause. Call us to talk about getting started. Someone needs you to take the first step today.

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These fundraising wall programs are only available at Contact the Get Etched Customer Support Team at or 1.877.838.2433
(Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Eastern).

Remember Your Hero Today...

The following Heroes Wall Projects are being built right now. Honor the hero in your life with a lasting tribute for all to see.

Heroes Wall at DiMillos Boardwalk Heroes Wall at DiMillo's Boardwalk
Portland, Maine:

Easter Seals of Maine, Get Etched, DiMillo's Floating Restaurant, and United Insurance bring you the newest Heroes Wall memorial project.
Click here to learn more.

Heroes Wall - Presque Isle Maine Heroes Wall
Presque Isle, Maine:

WAGM•TV and Get Etched are working together to honor American Veterans and benefit the "Feed the County" program.
Click here to learn more.

Midcoast Area Veterans Memorial - Rockland Maine Midcoast Area Veterans Memorial
Rockland, Maine:

This memorial site offers a quiet place of remembrance to reflect and honor our veterans and their sacrifices.
Click here to learn more.

Atlanta, GA • Charlotte, NC • Ft. Worth, TX
Las Vegas, NV • Sonoma, CA:

Join Rusty Wallace in the Friendswall Victory Lane! Have your favorite photo laser etched onto polished black granite tiles and permanently mounted at the Friendswall at the entrance to your favorite track.
Click here to learn more.


A gift that will last a lifetime... and then another.

For the better part of the twenty-first century, Get Etched has been the leader in world class laser etching and distinctive customized products. Quality, craftsmanship, and style only begin to describe our products. With exceptional detail and endless options, every piece we create is unique. From stunning black granite to 3D crystal, we do it all. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind item to give that person in your life that has everything, you've found it!

Granite, the world's third strongest material, has a matchless beauty and when paired with our laser etching technology, a simple photo is transformed into a work of art.

The customized laser etching process begins when we receive your favorite picture. Our skilled photo editors enhance your image to the specifications needed for laser etching. The newly manipulated image is then digitally transferred to be laser etched. Within seconds you begin to see a masterpiece take shape. Once the image is etched, the whitening process beings. A specially formulated ink is applied, adding just a touch of "wow" to an already amazing piece. The finished product is now ready to find its place in your heart.

With a vast selection of shapes and sizes available we are proud to offer our products to anyone who has ever taken a photograph. From a four inch coaster to thirty foot wall, no project is too big or too small.

Fundraisers are more than candy bars and cookies thanks to the Legacy and Heroes Wall Programs.

Get Etched provides customers with turnkey options to maximize donations and/or profits. The company's core business experts have over 125 years of relevant industry experience as consultants, business owners, and high-level executives.

Our programs are expressly designed with no upfront fees, inventory purchase, retainer agreements or complicated involvement on your part. We expect to do the heavy lifting and it's what we do best.

Simply put, we make the product, develop the campaign, write the copy, build and host the internet sale pages, link to the home page, take the orders, and deliver the product. All you have to do is promote the campaign and we do the rest.

Our wall programs are receiving national attention from US Senators to NASCAR drivers and everyone else in between.

"I commend WAGM-TV and Get Etched for your leadership in dedicating the Heroes Wall to honor our veterans. It is a privilege to honor all who have sacrificed in service of this great nation."
~Susan M. Collins, U.S. Senator
All In!

With poker quickly becoming one of the world's most watched television events, there is no coincidence that anything involving the game is a hit.

Get Etched has entered into a 20 year exclusive agreement with CHIPCO International to provide personalities and public figures, in sports and entertainment on the face of poker chips. But don't think you have to be making millions to get a chip of your own. Having a corporate event? Need a cool item for the boosters club to raise money for that school trip to Europe? This is it! Customizable chips with your company logo, school mascot, or town landmark are available and make unique gifts. Just don't bring these puppies to the gaming table!

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"We received the etchings and we are extremely impressed with the quality and even more with your customer service and level of professionalism at your company."
~Brandon Ready
Remember, you make the memories... we'll help you keep them.