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Speedway Children's Charities Opens Gates to "Victory Lane" for Fans Nationwide
(October 14, 2006)

NASCAR fans know how hard it is for their favorite drivers to get to Victory Lane. But Speedway Children's Charities (SCC) is teaming up with to give racing fans across the country their chance to do just that ... literally carve a family photograph of their choice onto black granite walls to be built at all six Speedway Motorsports (SMI) tracks.

Speedway Children's Charities Construction will soon begin on "Friends of Speedway Children's Charities Victory Lanes" at SMI tracks in California, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Fans have the opportunity to purchase space in an SCC Victory Lane of their choice, with net proceeds benefiting Speedway Children's Charities. For a fee of $300, plus shipping and handling, those who purchase space in SCC Victory Lanes will receive one 8.5X11 etching shipped to their home and a 5X7 version that will be hung on one of the "Friends Walls" at an SMI track.
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