Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple images etched on one tile?

Yes, but please call 1-877-838-2433 prior to placing your order.

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Can you help me with an image if it needs to be modified?

Yes, we will edit folds, scratches and other imperfections out of your photo. Again, let us know in the comments section when you order.

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Do I get to see a proof before you make my etching?

Proofs are available upon request. Simply include your request for a proof in the comments area on the “Thank You” page after placing your order.

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Do you do custom granite work other than what’s shown on this website?

Yes, please call 1-877-838-2433 for more information.

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Do you offer priority shipping options?

Yes. Next Day Air and 2-Day Air shipping options are available on the final shopping cart (check out) page.

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Do you offer volume price breaks?

Yes. Substantially reduced prices are available at surprisingly low minimum quantities. Our Production Run Granite product page includes buy buttons for volume purchases, as does our Event Products page. Minimum order quantities per product are included on these product pages.

To receive volume price breaks as indicated on the product pages, simply click the “Order Now” button, enter your order quantity and click the “Recalculate” button on the shopping cart page. If your quantity is below the minimum, you will not see the discounted price.

If you have additional questions regarding volume price breaks, please call us at 877-838-2433. We’ll be glad to help you.

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Does it cost more to have text added?

No, text is included in the price.

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Does the picture have to be in black and white?

No, color photos are acceptable as well as black and white and sepia tone images.

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Does the picture have to be the same size as the etching I’m ordering?

No, we can enlarge or reduce your photo to fit the size of the etching you are purchasing.

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How do I contact you?

Our full contact information is available here. Please feel free to call us if you have questions for which you cannot find the answers on this website.

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How do I get my pictures to you?

Immediately after you’ve finished the payment process, you’ll be taken to our “Thank You” page where we offer three options for getting your photo(s) to us. These options are…

1. Upload your photo online
2. Send photos as email attachments
3. Send photos via mail

Additional information is available on our “How it Works” page.

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How secure is online ordering?

Our secure shopping cart and payment process meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of Visa’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards to ensure maximum security with your sensitive financial data and information.

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If I use a color photo will the etching be in color?

No, all etchings are in black and white.

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What digital image file formats can you work with?

We can work with most image files; all we ask is that they are 300 dpi. Jpgs are preferred for images and AI, EPS, or PDF for logos.

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What fonts do I have to choose from for names, dates and captions?

We have an extensive font library; however our most popular fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, Larissa and Monotype Corsica. When placing an order, if there is a specific font you would like used please tell us in the comments section.

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What resolution should pictures be?

What should I do if I have problems or need help uploading an image file?

Contact us by phone or email.

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When can I expect to receive my etching after my order is placed?

Orders will ship within 2 weeks of the date the order is placed.

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