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A Message from Senator Collins on the Heroes Wall

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Ms. Kelly Landeen
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Dear Friends,

I commend WAGM- TV,, the Aroostook Centre Mall, and Northern Maine Community College for your leadership in dedicating the Heroes Wall to honor our veterans. It is a great privilege to honor all those who have sacrificed in service of this great nation. In that American tradition of selflessness, part of the proceeds from this event go to “Feed the County.” With the help of Catholic Charities, WAGM-TV, and Aroostook Federal Savings and Loan, “Feed the County” has been helping the residents of Aroostook County for more than four years.

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have left the comfort and security of home in order to preserve our freedom and to extend the blessings of freedom to others. The men and women we honor with this wall represent all veterans who have paid the price of our freedom in times of conflict, as well as those who have been our shield in times of peace. We honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We honor those who lived beyond their years of service but have since passed on. We honor those who are with us today. We owe them all a great debt of gratitude.

Today, nearly 24 million Americans wear the proud title of veteran, including many from our great State of Maine. In addition to this fine memorial, we also must repay our debt with the health care, rehabilitation services, educational and employment opportunities our veterans have earned and more than deserve by their service to our country.

Americans love peace. When we do go to war, it is always with reluctance. Now the Americans who fought for the security of our nation and for the benefit of all mankind will have a permanent memorial here in Aroostook County. These veterans have humbled tyrants, defended the innocent, and freed the oppressed. Those who serve today – the veterans of tomorrow – carry on this great mission. They, like all those who carne before, have earned our deepest respect and gratitude for all the days to come.

Susan M. Collins
United States Senator

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